Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sure, we all put a great deal of thought into our future hopes & dreams, but how much thought do you put into your nightly dreams?  Dreams serve a purpose.  They allow us continue problem solving even after we've gone to sleep.  However, you only reap the benefits of this problem solving if you truly take a look at what your dreams are telling you.  What was taking place in your dream? Sometimes it helps to focus on the "verbs" of the dream and your feelings towards those actions.  Your dreams are trying to guide you to a solution that already exists inside.  When you are asleep, your dreams help you dig for buried treasure. It is always there.  You just have to figure out how to obtain it.  Now you are probably thinking, "What about those really crazy dreams that seem to have no rhyme or reason?"  Well, they do have a reason, you just have to tease out all the kooky details and focus on the basic actions occurring, maybe the people, and definitely the way you felt in the scenario.  Try to sum it up in 3 words.  This can also help.  What we uncover isn't always profound.  Sometimes it is just a small solution to a small problem.  However, sometimes we can become disconnected from what our body & our subconscious are trying to tell us.  Dreams serve to bridge that gap in order to help us maintain balance when life gets overwhelming. 

Sleep on that.

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  1. Dreams are interesting. You're right when you say that they are small solutions to small problems. Sometimes we dream that something strange and traumatizing happens, but the experience usually just means something smaller. Take being naked for example. If you're naked in your dream, then stop revealing so much about yourself. Keep your personal life private. If your teeth fall out, then stop lieing to yourself and/or others. It's usually that simple.