Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sure, we all put a great deal of thought into our future hopes & dreams, but how much thought do you put into your nightly dreams?  Dreams serve a purpose.  They allow us continue problem solving even after we've gone to sleep.  However, you only reap the benefits of this problem solving if you truly take a look at what your dreams are telling you.  What was taking place in your dream? Sometimes it helps to focus on the "verbs" of the dream and your feelings towards those actions.  Your dreams are trying to guide you to a solution that already exists inside.  When you are asleep, your dreams help you dig for buried treasure. It is always there.  You just have to figure out how to obtain it.  Now you are probably thinking, "What about those really crazy dreams that seem to have no rhyme or reason?"  Well, they do have a reason, you just have to tease out all the kooky details and focus on the basic actions occurring, maybe the people, and definitely the way you felt in the scenario.  Try to sum it up in 3 words.  This can also help.  What we uncover isn't always profound.  Sometimes it is just a small solution to a small problem.  However, sometimes we can become disconnected from what our body & our subconscious are trying to tell us.  Dreams serve to bridge that gap in order to help us maintain balance when life gets overwhelming. 

Sleep on that.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time that we start to get that "Spring Cleaning" urge.  Doesn't it feel sooo good to get rid of all that clutter?  It's freeing...liberating.  Don't forget that this time of year isn't just about clearing out the physical clutter in your life, but also the mental and emotional clutter.  What do you need to let go of?  What doesn't fit anymore?  What no longer serves you?  Holding on to things you don't need are such a burden.  Look at the animals around you...are they shedding?  Look at the trees that have shed there leaves & bark.  Nature knows that shedding is essential for growth.  Sometimes we forget that we too are a part of nature.  Emotional baggage and mental clutter needs to be put in the junk pile, so your true essence can shine through and growth can occur.  Just like our houses, our bodies can also benefit from uncluttering.  This is a time to detox you body, mind, and spirit so you can emerge...all shiny and new!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I like to call them meltdowns.  You know, a total emotional freak out?  But, perhaps we should think of these "freak outs" in a different light.  Believe it or not, these fits are not only beneficial, but necessary for growth.  Meltdowns usually occur when things are out of balance in our lives.  Maybe we are doing too much of one thing and not enough of another.  These are reminders that you've let things get out balance and it is time to set things straight.  Instead of thinking of these fits as meltdowns, try to think of them as "tear downs".  You are tearing up something that isn't working in order to build it back up with a stronger foundation, all shiny and new.  Not only are these times reminders to check your balance meter, but they also serve as lessons.  They show you what is wrong in your life and allow you to make a new choice for the next go around.  Try to remember: You are not your problems.  Instead of feeling guilty about melt-downs, see them as opportunities for problem solving.  It is easy to get sucked into the melt-down & guilt trip loop.  Stop the loop.  You are not your problems.  You are the solver of your problems.  The important thing to remember when "tearing down" is that it is okay to tear down something that isn't working for yourself, but not okay when it "tears down" the lives of others.  So, go ahead, tear it up...and rebuild something that you will be proud of.  Don't forget: When you tear it up, you have to throw it away.  After all, you will need plenty of room for the new & improved you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right Nutrition

Several months ago, I posted about the 5 yogic pillars that lead to a healthy, happy, & balanced life: Right exercise, right breathing, right thinking, right nutrition, and right relaxation. Today I want focus on "Right Nutrition". Right nutrition refers to being aware of what you "feed" and fuel your body with- preferably with fresh, seasonal nutritious foods in moderation- and eating that food slowly and mindfully at appropriate times.

The following is a list of "SuperFoods" and their benefits.
  • Apples
    • reduced risk for lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, & type II diabetes, can aid weight loss due to soluble fiber content
  • Avocados
    • lower cholesterol, promote healthy bones & cardiovascular system, prevent migraines, type II diabetes, & circulatory disease, fights prostate cancer, optimizes brain health & function, improve the body's ability to absorb nutrients from foods, help fight obesity because they boost satiety
  • Beans
    • lower cholesterol, combat heart disease, reduce cancer risk, stabilize blood sugar, reduce obesity, relieve constipation, decrease diverticular disease risk, reduce hypertension risk, & lower risk for type II diabetes, older people who eat beans have a significantly lower risk of mortality than non-bean eaters
  • Blueberries
    • associated with improved brain health & preservation of cognitive ability, prevents Alzheimer's disease, prevents cancer, improves cardiovascular health, prevents diabetes, improves eye health & urinary tract health, & decreases inflammation
  • Broccoli
    • fights cancer, boosts the immune system, lowers the incidence of cataracts, supports cardiovascular health, builds bones, fights birth defects, promotes the production of antioxidants, & decreases inflammation
  • Cinnamon
    • benefits type II diabetes by helping with blood sugar levels & cholesterol, antibacterial properties help stop the growth of bacteria such as the yeast, Candida & E. coli just smelling it acts as a "brain boost" & increases cognitive ability
  •  Dark Chocolate
    • lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, contributes to a healthy heart
  • Dried Super fruits 
    • High in polyphenols (an antioxidant), good source of fruit when they are not in season
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
    • reduce risks of breast & colon cancer, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health
  • Garlic 
    • fights cancer & cardiovascular disease, anti-inflammatory & antiviral properties
  • Honey 
    • good for respiratory diseases, skin ulcers, wounds, urinary diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, eczema, psoriasis, & dandruff, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels, & increases antioxidant levels
  • Kiwi 
    •  prevents asthma, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, colon cancer & reduces risk of death from cancer, heart disease, & stroke, & improves constipation
  • Low-fat or Non-fat Yogurt 
    • decreases effects from cancer, lactose intolerance, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, vaginal infections, urinary infections, lowers cholesterol, and aids in weight control
  • Oats 
    • reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, & obesity
  • Onions
    • reduces the risks of heart disease & cancer, & contain anti-inflammatory properties
  • Oranges 
    • prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts, birth defects, & cognitive decline
  • Pomegranates
    • fights atherosclerosis, high in antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health, possess anti-inflammatory properties, & lowers blood pressure 
  • Pumpkin 
    • reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions, & diabetes
  • Soy 
    • reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer risk, helps manage diabetes, helps with kidney disease, & lowers the risk of osteoporosis
    • however, too much for men has shown an increase in female hormones, so if you are male, take it easy ;-)
  • Spinach 
    • prevents cardiovascular disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, cancer, age-related macular degeneration, & cataracts
  • Tea 
    • lowers blood pressure, skin cancer, sun-induced aging of skin, & cataract prevention
  • Tomatoes 
    • reduces the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, sun-related skin damage, macular degeneration, & cataracts
  • Turkey
    • reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, & Alzheimer's disease 
  • Wild Salmon 
    • promotes cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, improves mental health, & reduces risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • Walnuts
    • reduces risks of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, type II diabetes, & cancer