Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Riding the Wave

When we are at our best, we are rested, refreshed, and refueled. Before we get to specific ways to help us rest, refresh, and refuel, let’s talk about maximizing our time while we are in that good spot.

How do we recognize this spot? Here are a few things you may notice or may be feeling:
  • High energy
  • Happiness/ Euphoria
  • Spot on/ Confident
  • Productive
  • Creative
  • Socially adept/ Connected
  • Generous
  • Attractive
  • Agile  
  • Strong
  • Intelligent/ Witty
These are times to explore our boundaries. Of course we grow during the down times. In fact, some of our biggest lessons are learned during the down times. But think of the good spots as growing at warp-speed. Here are some ideas for maximizing this time when you are on the up-and-up.
  • Engage in physical activity (weight lifting, running, active game playing, etc.)
  • Smile a lot (attitudes are contagious and this is the best time to spread yours around)
  • Make a list of things you appreciate (this will come in handy during those “down” times when you have trouble remembering if there’s anything good in your life)
  • Share your ideas (personal & business)
  • Get things done (remember all those little things you’ve been “meaning to do”?)
  • Explore your creativity (make something, write something, etc.)
  • Entertain & spend time with loved ones
  • Practice random acts of kindness (remember, “what goes around, comes around”)
  • Flaunt your inner & outer beauty (pretty is as pretty does!)
  • Try something new (build new neural pathways)
  • Ask yourself: What are my unique gifts? (explore these & share them)
Making the most of these “up” times ensures that you won’t need to climb so far to reach them the next time you are finished “resting, refreshing, and refueling”. So, what are you waiting for? Now is your time to shine!




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