Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Keys to Staying Healthy, Happy, & Balanced

Follow these  5 yogic pillars that lead to a healthy, happy, & balanced life:
  • Right Exercise-something that fits your age, health, and needs of your body (I'm going to encourage yoga.. your body will love you for it!)
  • Right Breathing- try to be aware of your breathing (in time of high stress, try inhaling for the count of 7, holding for 4, and exhaling for 7)
  • Right Thinking- try to de-scatter your mind & think positive (thought turn into actions... make sure they are good ones!)
  • Right Nutrition-eat food as "fuel" slowly & mindfully (try juicing one day a week and going meatless a few times a week)
  • Right Relaxation-seek mental,emotional, and physical relaxation by finding balance between your phases of activity & rest (think of it as a bank account... if you don't make deposits, you can't make withdrawals)

Focus on each day, then gradually add more as the awareness strikes you.  Which one will you start with?

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