Thursday, March 31, 2011

Balance & Excess

So, you've got things balanced? Everything going on in your life seems pretty much in just the right spot?  Remember, this is temporary.  Ebbs & flows are a natural part of life.  However, you want to ride this wave of balance as long as possible, right?  Of course!  After all, balance is what we strive for our whole lives.  So, how do we "milk" this time of balance for all it's worth? 

First, celebrate.  You've worked hard to get to this point and you deserve to treat yourself.  However, remember that the greatest reward is reaching the state of balance itself.  It can be easy to overdo celebrations for your achievements, therefore tipping the balance.  It is difficult enough when outside circumstances tip the balance, however, self-sabotage brings forth guilt as well.  We sure don't want this!  So, what can we do to ensure the maximum benefit from finding our balance?  It's simple really: Avoid excess.  This is easier said than done, however. Some things we do to celebrate are good, but even good things can turn bad when done in excess.  The following guidelines will help mange various means of celebration, without losing your balance:
  • Drinks (1-2 is best..unless you handle your alcohol well, but even so, it's not healthy to have more than this in one day)
  • Food (Indulge, but keep in mind portion sizes & healthy options)
  • Shopping (Keep your budget in mind & spend on things that make you feel better, not guilty)
  • Taking time off (a little time can go a long way, so don't overuse your time off to the point that you don't have any left during times of crisis, when you REALLY need it)
  • Entertainment (TV, movies, and shows can be great ways to celebrate, but remember that you need down time too...also, don't let it interfere with your perception of reality; TV & movies generally don't depict a real view of life and lead to wanting what you don't have)
  • Taking time alone (This is good thing. Time alone leads to reflection, which is necessary for growth.  However, too much time alone is referred to as isolation & this is not good.  Time with family & friends is a good thing too...this being said...)
  • Family & Friends ( It is good to have a strong support system to help when you need it & to celebrate when don't.  However, too much togetherness is not a good thing.  Everyone needs time away from each other or minor annoyances can turn into major problems...Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.)
I'm sure you can think of many other ways to celebrate balance, but try to avoid self-sabotage through excess.  The only exception? 
(not to be confused with sloth & sex ;-)


  1. I often forget to reward myself. I run too much, talk too much, and don't sleep enough. Everything is out of balance, and I would like the reward of that balance. You're definately right though. We must balance everything including work and relaxation, day and night-being awake and sleeping. I'm going to remember this over the weekend.

  2. I love balance in my live but sometimes (like right now) it is totally impossible. I have school, work, home remodeling, my mother coming in, my son coming home and a daughter that can't wait for us to move. I would love some balance right now!