Monday, March 7, 2011

Empowerment: The Basics

Maintaining balance equals maximum power within one's self.  How we do this differs from one individual to another, but some basics apply no matter how diverse our differences may be.  If you follow these biggies (what I like to call my "Top 10") then you will be better able to navigate the subtle balancing act that comes with the unique "everyday" life you lead.  Here they are:

  1. Get enough sleep.  (preferably 8 hrs., but if impossible, naps are divine...power naps consisting of no more than 30 min. are amazing refreshers)
  2. Eat healthy food. (real food, not junk food...always eat breakfast...and drink loads of water!)
  3. Exercise (30 min. per day is all you need to keep your metabolism the morning is even better to keep energy levels up...exercise improves your mood too!)
  4. Stay mentally alert (go back to school or constantly read on varying subjects...don't let things pile up  mentally, get it out of your head & move on!)
  5. Connect with other people. (you can learn so much from the richness that others convey...don't be a loner, however...)
  6. Take some quiet time for yourself. (you need alone time every once in a while to reflect on personal issues & problem also need time to pamper yourself :-)
  7. Stay positive. (sometime you just have to fake it until you make, just smile and wait for the next positive wave to roll in)
  8. Express your emotions appropriately. (without freaking out! Ramped up emotions can make minor annoyances from others seem unbearable...maintain grace & take long, deep breaths)
  9. Use good manners. (once again "GRACE"...good manners make a lasting & positive impression on others & help you get more of the things you want ;-)
  10. Surround yourself with good friends. (you need the everyday support that these peeps supply...especially when faced with difficult decisions)

The "Top 3" alone will help tremendously with problem-solving situations, give you a better outlook on life, and make you feel more attractive.  Everyone is especially sensitive to these "Top 3" during times of change.  Maintain the "Top 10" and you will be well equipped to to juggle the subtleties that are unique to your own beautiful life. 



  1. Great tips, I am going to enjoy your blog. My husband and I have wanted to start Yoga, just haven't found the time.

  2. Thanks for your interest Pam...I really enjoy writing for it. I use is as "self-therapy", but hope that it can be helpful to others as well. Afterall, we are all humans facing similar challenges & rewards :-)