Monday, June 14, 2010

Right Thinking

In order to use our brains & psyches to the best of their capabilities, we need to be mindful of our thoughts.  I know this sounds redundant, but admit it, sometimes we let our thoughts run out of control and allover us.  We should be striving to adapt to the changes in our world.  When we can not, we must be prepared to accept the changes that are inevitable.  In doing so, we can avoid the unnecessary attachments that cause us suffering. Here are some tips for de-cluttering the mind:

  • Yogis believe that "OM" is the sound that brought the universe into being.  Create your day by chanting "OM". 
    • Take a deep breath in.
    • As you exhale, say "aaaa" from deep in your belly.
    • Round your lips to make the "uuuu" sound.
    • Finish off with a soft "mmmm".
    • Repeat as needed.
  • Tell yourself: "I and the source are one." Carry this sense of unity throughout your day.  
  • While preparing yourself for the day, choose a drishti.  A drishti is a simple yoga term for a specific focal point.  When we focus on a drishti, our minds are more able to let go of external stimuli.  
  • Practice meditating at least once a day.  Using a drishti for meditation allows the mind to concentrate more deeply and invokes a deeper sense of relaxation.
    • Choose some down-time in your day (you know...the 5-20 min. you have scattered between tasks? 
    • Close your eyes.
    • Try to limit your thoughts to just your drishti (perhaps a creative endeavor or something positive going on in your life).
    •  Or you can simply focus on your breath, a candle, or your 3rd eye point- just between your eyebrows)
    • Set a timer for 5 min. (work up as you master your each set time).
    • Whenever your mind starts to wander away from your drishti (single pointed inward gaze), simply guide it back...letting go of all other thoughts.
  • Upon getting into bed, think about all that you accomplished physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  If you have trouble coming up with positive attributes from each of these dimensions, let that dimension be your drishti tomorrow.  Strive to conjure a list of each of your positive gifts for the day.  Despite setbacks, the day is always resplendent with gifts.  

Remember: A positive attitude and the best ideas are born out of a calm and clear mind.

So, here's a toast to positive thinking! 
"I'll Think to That!"

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